best frank ocean piano cover!

hey there. i recently recorded a piano cover of ‘thinkin bout you’. i feel like it’s the best one out there but there are about a bajillion covers so i’ve had a hard time getting people to watch. take a look at let me know what you think! thanks.

can you give me a link for the mixtape of nostalgia ultra that is like extended? or even just the name? i forget what its called but its before channel orange and ive been looking everywhere for it! it has a lot of songs? i feel like you'd know what im talking about lol
What is pyramids about??

i feel like this explains it pretty well. better than i can at least.

If I asked Frank a question on his tumblr you think he'd answer?

i don’t know. it doesn’t seem like he answers a lot of questions, but he could answer them privately i guess? but you never know so i would still ask!

franks instagram is francistenenbaum
You ever wanna pull a Chris Crocker for Frank? *LEAVE FRANKIE ALONE!*

lol i felt like it at first but then i realized that he didn’t need anyone sticking up for him. his music speaks for itself & if people aren’t fans anymore because of his sexuality, then they were never true fans in the first place.

i still love frankie though!